Counselling Rooms to Rent

Counselling Rooms to Rent
Counselling Rooms for Hire, London
Counselling Rooms in Harley Street

Where counselling takes place is important; not only its location in the building but also the physical layout of the room, this can make a big difference. Therefore making a choice of where to engage with your patients is extremely vital. Our counselling rooms to rent are fully equipped as well as having staff on hand to help you and your patients through the day.

What is the expected cost of hiring a counselling room in no. 22 Harley Street?

Our rates are highly competitive when set side by side to other counselling rooms in Central London.

Please check out our pricing for room hire in Harley Street here.

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In addition to the above, it’s also worth noting that from the moment your patients come into the building, to our modern counselling rooms, to the moment they leave; they will find our staff sympathetic and helpful. Most importantly everyone is treated with absolute discretion. Both daily and evening sessions are offered. Morning sessions include four hours minimum use and Evenings sessions (5.30pm – 8.30pm) are three hours minimum use.

Frequent comments about our counselling rooms to rent…

“…counselling rooms have a warm, yet professional touch…”