1. What makes 22 Harley Street unique?
    Apart from being the only modern building within Harley street, your hired room is a fully serviced office, accompanied with an experienced receptionist to provide telephone support and meet
    with your patients between the hours of 9am – 5.30pm. Thereafter, your patients can contact you directly via our highly innovative intercom system.
  2. Who uses these consulting rooms?
    Our Consulting rooms are suited for small and medium sized medical practices. Our clients range from NHS Doctors, Dentists’, Medical Practitioners, Physicians, Psychotherapists, including other Medical Legal Professionals.
  3. How to get to Harley Street? How convenient are you to get to especially for my patients?
    Please view our contacts page for more information.
  4. Will my patients have parking at Harley St?
    As you would expect parking in central London is very challenging at best, so other forms of transportation would be recommended. Harley Street Guide gives a good guide on where to park in Harley Street.
  5. What does a well-furnished office include?
    All rooms are equipped with, a desk and three comfortable chairs including a patient couch chair. In addition for practicality and to make your work seamless, telephone and a high speed Wi-Fi access is readily available alongside a clinical
    waste bin and x-ray machine should this be needed.
  6. What’s the importance of having a Harley Street address?
    With Harley Street renowned for it’s …in excellence, it’s the best choice for a medico-legal practice
  7. How do I rent a consultation room?
    Booking a room has never been easier; simply browse through our selection of rooms. Once you have decided which consulting room you’d prefer please apply for a licence. Either call us directly on 0207 7637 0491 to discuss your requirements or Click Here to complete this form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.
  8. What should our patients expect from 22 Harley Street?
    • Professionalism
    • Treated with discretion
    • Modern state of the art building, exterior and interior