Medical Consulting Rooms For Hire

Harley Street consulting rooms to rent
Harley Street consulting rooms to hire
Medical consulting rooms for hire
Private Medical consulting rooms for hire

Our Medical professionals looking for a Harley Street office will find that our Medical Consulting Rooms are exceptionally well appointed.

Harley Street Suite Five is also equipped with:

  • A receptionist
  • A desk and three comfortable chairs
  • A couch for your patients
  • Clinical Waste Bin
  • Telphone and Wi-Fi
  • X-ray Machine

The medical consulting rooms ready for hire have been thoroughly modernised. We understand that you should be able to consult with your clients in an environment that exudes quality. The modernised exterior and interior has the added benefit of natural lighting. This creates a pleasant atmosphere, therefore making consultation a more congenial environment for all parties involved.

Needless to say, having a truly modern building inHarley Street means that, as medical consulting professionals, you will have a Harley Street address which can be easily found. As well as access to a prestigious medical room in Harley Street, you can rest assured that your clients will be happy to return for another appointment.

These medical consulting rooms for hire are offered at daily sessions and evening sessions, daily sessions are  four hours minimum use and evenings sessions (5.30pm – 8.30pm) are three hours minimum use.

What is the expected cost of hiring a medical consulting room in Harley Street?

Compared to similar rooms for rent in the area, we offer an excellent competitive rate of £410.00 for the license fee per year.

We offer medical consulting rooms in Harley Street on a sessional or occasional basis. See full details for our consulting room hire prices here.

22 Harley Street will ensure that your clients will be met with high standards of professionalism at all times. Furthermore, 22 HARLEY STREET provides the perfect solution for medical professionals looking for consulting rooms to rent in Harley street, just a short distance from Oxford Circus

Frequent comments about our rooms…

“Rooms are modern and consistently clean”