Therapy Treatment Rooms For Hire

Looking for affordable but quality Therapy Treatment Rooms For Hire in Harley Street?

22 Harley Street Suite H gives you this and much more. Our Therapy Treatment Rooms For Hire are open to NHS Doctors, Medical Consultants and Legal Professionals, Therapists, Health Practitioners and a host of other Medical Specialists.

These treatment therapy rooms available for hire are fully furnished with high-speed Wi-Fi access, use of a telephone, x-ray machine and clinical waste. In addition for added comfort and to create the much needed professional outlook, a patient couch, desk and chairs are all inclusive.

The modern – state of the art treatment therapy rooms are provided at an excellent comparable rate.

  • License fee per year: £375

Additionally, on an occasional or sessional basis

  • 4 hour session (minimum use): £160
  • 3 hour session (minimum use): £120

What service can you expect from 22 Harley Street?

  • You can expect professionally trained and experienced staff providing reception facilities.
  • Your calls will be transferred to your requested location.
  • Treatment rooms are available from 9am to 9:30pm with a reception service between 9am and 5.30pm, thereafter each room is equipped with their own intercom which will allow patients to get in.
  • A licence that gives you flexibility and a one off fee.

We offer daily sessions and evening sessions, daily sessions are four hours minimum use and evenings sessions are three hours minimum use.

For more details on the benefits of how to consult with your patients at 22 Harley Street address, please contact us on 0207 7637 0491.

Frequent comments about our rooms…

“Our Patients comment consistently on how they are treated with discretion and feel confident about returning to 22 Harley Street for another appointment….”